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Ford Escape

Zombie Escape

For the launch of the 2014 Escape, we created a series of videos to raise favourable opinion.

Our hero piece was the “Zombie Escape” created in partnership with Montreal YouTube influencer Patrick Boivin. We raised awareness for the Escape by driving over 640,000 video views. 2 years later, “Zombie Escape” still remains most-viewed video on Ford Canada’s YouTube channel.

Know Escape

The 2014 Escape features an all new design and this new design was met with challenges on fuel economy, space and towing capability. To demonstrate strength in these areas we created 3 vignettes featuring a bear and lumberjack.

The videos were used as part of a nationwide media buy and a social media strategy that featured an online persona for the bear.

The Escape Ballet

One of the cool features of the Escape is it’s active park assist — push button parallel parking. My wife had the idea to synchronize two Escape’s parking at the same time to Strauss.

Everyone loved the idea and we created this video during Drive to Discover, a nationwide tour featuring test drives and technology to interacted with the vehicles.

Junk in your Trunk

At first glance the trunk of the all-new Escape appears smaller than it’s predecessor. Looks are deceiving. The trunk is bigger. To show how big the trunk is, we created this video to show how much junk you can fit in the trunk. All of the data in the video was verified by a University professors.

The video was used as part of Twitter promoted Tweet campaign.